As a full-service real estate broker, Cosmopolitan Home Realty offers a wide range of services. Some of the services include

Brokerage: We guarantee competent and attentive brokerage services, based on in-depth knowledge of the area's real estate markets and extensive experience in the realty business. We will help you find your property, whether you're looking to buy, sell, or lease.

Consulting: We understand the market throughout Central Florida and can provide you with comprehensive consulting concerning any type of transaction.

Rehab:  We have a proven track record of helping investors purchase and rehab investment properties to maximize their return on investment.  Serious money can be made by strategically working in this venue.

Paperwork: We assume the detailed preparation and handling of paperwork, saving you time to focus on the essentials. Our in-depth knowledge of local zoning regulations, realty documentation and other details guarantees you the best deal.

We also have associates who expand our services. Some of these associated services include

Education: The Central Florida Real Estate School has the same ownership as our real estate firm, and no one in the state of Florida can do one of the services of real estate for you without a license.  This school is the best at getting you prepared to achieve that license.  Our association with this school helps guarantee an educated set of associates!

Title Insurance: We have an association with Cosmopolitan Title Agency, Inc. In the state of Florida, Title Insurance is an essential part of the real estate closing. Because of our association, even if we are not providing the insurance, we know both the things to look for and the potential hiccups along the way.

Valuation/Appraising: We have an association with Paradign Valuation Group, LLC. Whether you are looking for hidden value, want to make sure you get value for your money, or just need a valuation for your property, no firm can match our expertise in Appraising or our association with professionals of such.

Property Management: We will help you manage your property from the day of purchase to long after the lease has been signed. Once you purchase an investment property, if you have a desire to have someone local manage that property, we are just the company that can do it with expertise. Most of this is done through the associated company, SES Property Management, LLC.

Legal services: Matthew West, LLC  This law firm is an outstanding author of land trusts and deeds, phenomenal trustee, and is a quality intermediary for anything associated with acquiring real estate. Our broker is a partner.